Think beyond the future.

Technology and biology will intertwine soon, why not embrace it?

Max Malherbe

The creator.

  • Biohacker / Grinder
  • Likes to kick against every idea
  • Team player
  • Loves coffee
  • Working hard or hardly working
  • Loves technology more than the world
  • Not scared of new ideas
  • Loves to brainstorm
  • Always up for new projects
  • Always keeps redefining the box to think outside

My vision

My vision of the future will scare many people.
While everyone is enjoying the new technology provided by the corporate media. If a popular brand launches a new phone it will be like brains to a zombie.
They all feel the need to own one and show off with it.
Humankind these days is narcissistic, they feel the need to get approval by everyone everywhere anytime.

The popular "Technology" which is used to feed the narcissism of its users is actually made to sell your privacy.

Its users spiral in to psychological problems, The need to feel approval by their "friends" or unknown people on the internet makes them forget who they really are and their personalities.
My vision of the future will be very sad, as people get more problems and keep feeling the urge to fit in. They keep their eyes of the real problems that this world is facing.
Just think about a world where everyone could eat and live freely and save. Where no one has power and no one has to fear for war.
While this seems easy, humankind has had the urge to feel better and more powerful than others since the beginning of time.
However we can't blame ourselves, neither each other for this behaviour. But we could focus on noticing and changing this. Or at least stop falling for the lies of people who want more money or power. "Together we can create a better future and a better version of humankind by improving our bodies and minds."